Your internal Web3 trading team to gain

Powered by our skilled team and AI, the AUM Trading System is here to bring profit.
  • Demand zone
  • Price push breaking
    the trend line
  • Sales
    at ATH
  • Tokens buyback
    after distrubution
  • Sales at the
    Swing High
  • Weak hands
    sell in panic
  • Market reversal
  • Sales area above
    Local Highs

PnL ($) and MaxDrawdown

These two metrics present trading efficiency. PnL is measured in USD and shows the dynamics of the balance on the account. MaxDrawdown demonstrates how large the drawdown was and how long it took to regain.
PnL ($)

Rolling Sortino and Sharp ratios

Sortino and Sharp ratios demonstrate the quality of trading. Metrics show the ratio of profitability and risk.
The higher the metric at any certain time, the better.
Rolling Sortino
Rolling Sharpe

Why AUM Trading Systems?

  1. 01

    Powerful AI

    We have created an AI that analyzes more than 174 GB of data every minute. It is one of the filters for decision-making by our traders.
  2. 02

    Experienced team

    AUM's team has extensive experience in crypto market and trading, provides professional guidance and expertise throughout the process.
  3. 03

    24/7 Support

    Our team monitors the market situation all hours and, if necessary, is ready to develop an individual strategy to increase efficiency.
  4. 04

    Proven track record

    AUM Trading Systems has a proven track record of successful cryptotrading.

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